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Il y a des Jours (1983), 6.5/10 Links:

French guitarist Antoine Gindt formed Hellebore with bassist Jean Cael, drummer Daniel Koskowitz and pianist Denis Tagu to perform an unorthodox blend of prog-rock, musique concrete and free jazz, as documented on Il y a des Jours (1983).

Cael (now on lead guitar), Koskowitz, Tagu (now lead vocalist) and keyboardist Don Ziestak went on to form Szentendre that only released a six-song single-sided LP, Szentendre (1986).

Meanwhile, Antoine Gindt, Daniel Koskowitz and Alain Casari formed NEO Museum that released Nouvelle Ethnologies de l'Obscur Museum (1986).

Tagu and Koskowitz also joined the ensemble Look de Bouk, formed by drummer Etienne Himalaya and keyboardist Kwettap Ieuw, starting with Lacrimae Rerum (1985) and peaking with Becs et Ongles (1990).

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