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Ultra Bide's guitarist Yoshiyuki "Jojo" Hiroshige formed Rasenkaidan and then hired two guitarists and formed Hijokaidan, the proto-noisecore band that became famous for legendary shows in which the venue itself would be vandalized and the members would engage in all sorts of repulsive behavior. These live shows are documented on Zoroku No Kibyo (1982).

An expanded line-up produced albums of psychedelic cacophony such as Viva Angel (Alchemy, 1984), with a side-long improvised noise jam, and King Of Noise (1985), that was just a guitar-drums duet.

Tapes (1986) is an anthology.

The 74-minute Modern (1989) and the 77-minute Romance (1990) marked a new, more extreme stage in the project's life: loud relentless free-form sonic onslaught.

The Last Recording Album (Alchemy, 2004) was a 25th anniversary album.

Hijokaidan's guitarist Jojo Hiroshige has also released many solo albums, starting with Kimi Ga Shinette Ieba Shinukara (1997) and Die Everyone (1998) and including Uterus and Human (2000), Crimson Voyage (Alchemy, 2001), My Voice Of Cry Is Very Small (2003), Donari Chirasu Boku No Koe Wa Amari Ni Mo Chiisai (2004) and Boku Wa Mo Utawanai Daro (Alchemy, 2005). Polar Nights Live (january 2006) documents Hiroshide in three lengthy duets (with vocalist Junko, with guitarist Per Gisle Galaen and with Sten Ove Toft on electronics).

Made In Japan - Live At Shinjuku Pit Inn (april 2012) documents a live performance, including a 40-minute version of Backstroke Sta. by Jazz Hijokaidan, a sextet on which the guitarist plays with the Incapacitants' duo of Toshiji Mikawa and Fumio Kosakai (both on electronics), Billy Bao's vocalist Junko, Akira Sakata on alto sax and drummer Yoshisaburo "Sabu" Toyozumi. The same sextet, except for Toyozumi replaced by Futoshi Okano, is featured on Made In Studio (july 2012), the first Hijokaidan studio album in eight years, including the 30-minute Auto-Noda-Fe.

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