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The Homosexuals were a British punk-pop band that in 1978 recorded The Homosexuals (ReR, 1984 - ReR, 2003), a rather predictable set of catchy and fast songs, with hints of Ramones (My Night Out) and David Bowie (Vociferous Slam), but mostly just sampling the various styles that were popular during the last years of the new wave. The experiments are not particularly original or captivating. The last songs (Mecho Madness, the catchy Astral Glamour and the bizarre The Birds Have Risen) search for a third way to punk-rock. Soft South African is probably the best compromise between imitation and creativity. But none of this compares with the classics of 1984.

Astral Glamour (Messthetics, 2004) is a three-cd career retrospective.

Jim Welton went on to form Milk From Cheltenham, that released Triptych Of Poisoners (It's War Boys, 1983). One of its members, Lepke Buchvalter, made a solo album, Color Him Coma (It's War Boys, 1983 - Paradigm Discs, 2011), credited to Gus Coma, a mash-up of stolen musical snippets, i.e. one of the earliest projects of "plunderphonics".

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