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Stuart Argabright cut his teeth on Ike Yard's dark-wave album A Fact A Second (Factory, 1982) and in Dominatrix's disco-punk hit Sleeps Tonite (1984) having just missed the heydas of New York's new wave. He and Shinichi Shimokawa then formed Black Rain, that released 1.0 (1995) and Nanarchy (1996), and then Death Comet Crew, that released This Is Riphop (Troubleman Unlimited, 2004).

Now I'm Just A Number (2012) collects film soundtracks composed by the duo in the mid-1990s.

Argabright reformed Black Rain for Dark Pool (2014), a confused hodgepodge of styles that excels at alternative dancefloor music, such as the horror disco-music Endourban and the industrial tribal dance Burst. There are embryonic great ideas here and there, and particularly in the cyclical neurosis of Night In New Chiang Saen, but they remain unfulfilled. At best this is a lightweight version of Atari Teenage Riot's "digital hardcore"; at worst, it is simply the kind of dark-tinged electronic dance music that many bands were doing in the 1980s.

Argabright also formed o13, that released Time Wave Zero (2013),

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