Howard Jones
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Howard Jones was one of the first songwriters to embrace the electronic keyboards instead of the guitar. He was in many ways an heir to the generation of the 1960s, to the hippies and the melancholy minstrels, but his music sounded as modern as Brian Eno's Before And After Science. New Song and What Is Love are the sugary hits from Human's Lib (Elektra, 1984). Like To Get You Know Well and Things Can Only Get Better are the standout ballads on Dream Into Action (Elektra, 1985). No One Is To Blame highlights One To One (Elektra, 1986). Cross That Line (Elektra, 1989) was too ambitious and ended up showing Jones' limits as a musician.
Briefly a star, Jones was quickly forgotten as synth-pop took over the British charts. In the 1990s, Jones released the much humbler albums Working In The Backroom (Dtox, 1993) and People (Ark 21, 1998).
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