Queen Latifah
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Female rapper Queen Latifah (Dana Owens), mentored by Afrika Bambaataa's "Native Tongues" collective, debuted with Wrath of My Madness (1988) and All Hail The Queen (1989), which contained songs such as Ladies First and Dance For Me that were as much about soul music or reggae as about hip-hop. Like most rappers, Latifah was unable to match its quality on the sophomore album, Nature of a Sista (1991).

After the commercial success of Black Reign (1993) and U.N.I.T.Y., Latifah launched parallel careers in cinema and television.

Order in the Court (1998) marked a turn towards an even more conventional pop, jazz and soul format. It is probably her most musical album, and the focus has clearly shifted towards her vocal skills. The Dana Owens Album (2004) is a covers collection, and her first all-vocal album. This album reinvented her career as a pop-jazz vocalist, a role that she successfully replicated on another cover collection, Trav'ling Light (2007). Then, to complete her decline, she turned to mainstream pop with Persona (2009).

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