LeRoi Brothers
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The LeRoi Brothers are the prime saloon rockers of Austin (Texas). Their shows and their albums are the ultimate sonic melting-pot, an ebullient stew of rock'n'roll, rhythm'n'blues, tex-mex, country, soul, zydeco, etc.

The manic rockabilly of Moontwist (1982) and Check This Action (Amazing, 1983) announced the southern twins of the Cramps, with a develish Steve Doerr and guitarist Don Leady leading the charge, but the EP Forget About The Danger (Columbia, 1984) smoothed out the edges and endorsed middle-of-the-road roots-rock. Don Leady left to form the Tail Gators and was replaced by Evan Johns on Lucky Lucky Me (Profile, 1985). The band returned to the first album's glorious madness (Fight Fire With Fire) with an increased dose of tex-mex and cajun (Back Door). Doerr led yet another line-up through the revival-inspired albums Open All Night (Profile, 1986) and Viva Leroi (New Rose, 1989). Crown Royale (Rounder, 1992) collects the 1990 and 1991 New Rose recordings, featuring the ferocious Zombie Rumble and Public Enemy Number One, but Angeline sounds like Buddy Holly at his cheesiest.

Far From Kith And Kin (Skyclad, 1990) was the debut album of Hand Of Glory, a Doerr's side-project that focuses on a viscerally red-neck hard-rock (Bloody Red Sun, Crucifization). Here Be Serpents (Skyclad, 1991).

In the meantime, Leady's Tail Gators and Fabulous Thunderbirds bassist Keith Ferguson had become the prime cajun-rockers of Texas. The EP Rock'n'Roll Till The Cows Come Home (Wrestler, 1984) and the album Swamp Rock (Wrestler, 1985) set the pace: a frantic rockabilly beat with sonic signs of Louisiana (Pick Up The Deck). The seven originals on Mumbo Jumbo (Wrestler, 1986) add more stamina to the project, while OK Let's Go (Restless, 1988) is a mediocre summary of their roots. In terms of sheer excitement, Hide Your Eyes (Restless, 1990) could be their masterpiece (Halleluja I'm Coming Home, Hoodoo, Long Tall Young Boy, Let's Have Some Fun). Their tasty revisionism shines in the instrumental tracks off Swamp's Up (New Rose, 1992), where Duan Eddy's twang, Farfisa-driven surf music and Cramps-ian voodoobilly find a natural meeting point. It's A Hog Groove (Upstart) is less accomplished.

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