Les Thugs

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Les Thugs, formed in 1983 in France, played punk-pop built around the vocals of Eric Sourice and the guitar of Thierry Meanard.

The album Radical Hystery (Closer, 1986), with Never Get Older ; the mini-album Electric Troubles (Vinyl Solution, 1987), with with Chess and Crimes; the EP Dirty White Race (Vinyl Solution, 1988), with I Need You ; the album Still Hungry (Vinyl Solution, 1990), with Little Vera's Song and the album I.A.B.F. (Vinyl Solution, 1991), with I Love You So (possibly their masterpiece), marked the progression from the amateurish beginnings to a more mature power-pop sound.

The double album As Happy As Possible (Vinyl Solution, 1993), with August and As Happy As , opened the major phase of the band, that slumped with Strike (Roadrunner, 1996) and its lukewarm Allez Les Filles , but quickly recovered with Nineteen Something (Labels, 1997 - Subpop, 1998), with Henry's Back.

Tout Doit Disparaitre (Labels, 1999) is their last album.

Les Thugs, unable to overtake the originals, never truly achieved punk grandeur.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Matteo Gentile)

Les Thugs, formatisi nel 1983 in Francia, suonavano un punk pop costruito attorno alla voce di Eric Sourice e alla chitarra di Thierry Meanard. L'album Radical Hystery (Closer, 1986) con Never Get Older , il mini-album Electric Troubles (Vinyl Solution, 1987) con Chess and Crimes , l'EP Dirty White Race (Vinyl Solution, 1988) con I Need You, l'album Still Hungry (Vinyl Solution, 1990) con Little Vera's Song e l'album I.A.B.F. (Vinyl Solution, 1991) con I Love You So (forse il loro capolavoro) segnarono la progressione dagli inizi dilettantistici a un suono power pop pi maturo. Il doppio album As Happy As Possible (Vinyl Solution, 1993), con August e As Happy As , ha aperto la fase pi felice della band, che crollata con Strike (Roadrunner, 1996) e la sua tiepida Allez Les Filles per poi riprendersi rapidamente con Nineteen Something (Labels, 1997 - Subpop, 1998), con Henry's Back . Tout Doit Dispara tre (Labels, 1999) il loro ultimo album. Les Thugs, incapaci di superare i loro modelli, non hanno mai raggiunto la grandeur punk.

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