Patty Loveless

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At the turn of the decade, country singer Patty "Loveless" Ramey was the female counterpart to Vince Gill, striking gold with Timber I'm Falling in Love (1989), the irresistible hook and riff of I'm That Kind of Girl (1990), Blame It on Your Heart (1993), You Can Feel Bad (1996), Lonely Too Long (1996).

Her most personal albums came later in her career, following throat surgery: Only What I Feel (1993), with John Scott Sherrill's ballad Nothin' but the Wheel, When Fallen Angels Fly (1994), Trouble with the Truth (1996), Long Stretch of Lonesome (1997), Strong Heart (2000), with her tough You Don't Get No More, Mountain Soul I (2001) and Mountain Soul II (2009). Her songs are usually composed by veteran professionals of Nashville, such as Gary Nicholson, Gretchen Peters, Jim Lauderdale, Tony Arata and Matraca Berg.

(Copyright © 2006 Piero Scaruffi | Terms of use )
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