Lucy Show
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Undone (1985), 6.5/10
Mania (1986), 5/10

The Lucy Show were an English band fronted by Canadian-born singer, guitarist and keyboardist Mark Bandola that crafted simple bouncy melodies and wrapped them into dense arrangements of guitar and keyboards.

They debuted with Undone (A&M, 1985 - Words on Music, 2009), that contained the atmospheric hymn Ephemeral in the propulsive and poppy manner of Echo & The Bunnymen, the ballad Come Back to the Living that fused pathos a` la U2 and keyboard arrangements a` la Cars, soulful folk-rocking lullabyes with trotting rhythm and synth lines such as Remain, tortured litanies a` la Cure such as Better on the Hard Side (with a hypnotic minimalist-style backing of synthesized strings) and Dream Days (with a tribal beat and garage guitar noise), and ominous danceable ditties such as Resistance with solid steady beats and intricate guitar jangling in a dark atmosphere inspired by the gothic punk aesthetic of Joy Division.

They matured with Mania (Big Time, 1986 - Words on Music, 2005), an album whose sound fit the cliches of the "Paisley Underground" (the Byrds-ian Land and the Life, the REM-ish Sun And Moon, set to a disco beat).

Rob Vandeven later started the project Zero Zero that released Ava (Redhead, 1996).

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