Istvan Martha
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Istvan Martha is a Hungarian composer who released two underground cult records of the 1980s: Hearts and The Wind Rises (1987). The latter was recorded live in the countryside by a group of rock, jazz and classical musicians, and it features sounds of the countryside itself (nature, people, traditional music). The album in its entirety sounds like a tribute to the life of rural people. The music, far from being merely pastoral and elegiac, is also a veiled, allegorical attack against communism, the oppressive regime of the time. The eight-minute introduction, The Wind Rises, is a free-form collage of natural and instrumental sounds. The traditional folk lament of Ruin acquires a much deeper meaning in the hands of the improvisers. Ditto for the driving dance of Kapolcs Alarm. These pieces exude a violence and a frustration that have little in common with the lives of the peasants. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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