Pajama Slave Dancers
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Steve Westfield: Mangled (Glitterhouse, 1994), 5/10
Steve Westfield: Reject Me... First (Glitterhouse, 1995) , 5/10
Steve Westfield: Brainwreck (Glitterhouse, 1996), 5/10
Steve Westfield: Underwhelmed (Glitterhouse, 1997), 5/10

Steve Westfield (vocals and guitar) and Dave Montovani (vocals and guitar) formed the Pajama Slave Dancers in the early 1980s in Massachussetts. Influenced by the Dead Kennedys, the cassette All U Can Eat (Pajamarama, 1982) announced their zany punk-rock with the demented Defreeze Walt Disney, Farm Rap, and Scoutmasters From Hell. By the time the cassette Problems With Sects (Pajamarama, 1983) came out, the line-up had stabilized in a quintet with Dirk Futon (drums), Scott Blood (bass) and Daxe Rexford (keyboards). The first vinyl album, Cheap is Real (Pajamarama, 1984), the first single, Train Wreck on Prom Night/ Miss You (Pajamarama, 1985), the second album, Pajama Beach Party (Pajamarama, 1985), spread the rumour about this hilarious band. Blood Sweat And Beers (Restless, 1986), Heavy Petting Zoo (Restless, 1987), containing the gags My Baby's Way Rap, Dinosaur Historian Love Chant, Zombie Somba< Swamp Stomp and Bermuda Love Triangle, and Full Metal Underpants (New Rose, 1989) marked the classic years. Then the band seemed to dissolve.

Westfield released the cassette Getting Fucked Up and Loving It (Pajamarama, 1990) under the moniker Captain Testosterone and the Gypsy Stretchmark Orchestra, a seven-piece funk band with trombone, trumpet, and sax, then the cassette What is Radio (Space Monkey, 1991), an experimental audio collage.

Then, unexpectedly, Steve Westfield debuted solo with the very lo-fi Mangled (Glitterhouse, 1994), with guests Lou Barlow (of Sebadoh), Chris Colbourn (of Buffalo Tom) and Joey Santiago.

It Came From the Barn (J-Bird, 1996) photographs the Pajama Slave Dancers live with guest J Mascis.

In the meantime, Steve Westfield hired a nine-piece band (including standup bass, tuba, trombone and sax), the Slow Band, and released Reject Me... First (Glitterhouse, 1995) , that features more comic rants like Officer Jesus and Reject Me First.

Minutes later, he was already leading the Burnouts (a relatively "normal" rock quartet featuring guitarist Rich Gilbert of Uncle Tupelo) and releasing Brainwreck (Glitterhouse, 1996), that features old classics like Homo Truck Driving Man, Black Hand and Surfin' Sex Machine, that here sound like parodies of hard-rock and glam-rock.

The Slow Band returned with Underwhelmed (Glitterhouse, 1997) and StuporStar (Glitterhouse, 1998).

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