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Bobby Liebling's Pentagram pioneered doom-metal with Relentless (Peaceville, 1985) and Day Of Reckoning (1987 - Peaceville, 2005).

They resurrected with Be Forewarned (Peaceville, 1994). They offered faithful imitations of Black Sabbath on Review Your Choices (1998), half of it originally recorded as demo tracks in the mid-1970s, and Sub-Basement (Black Widow, 2001), featuring just the duo of Liebling and drummer/guitarist/bassist Joe Hasselvander.

First Daze Here (Relapse, 2003) and First Daze Here Too (Relapse, 2006) collect early recordings from the 1970s and 1980s.

A Keg Full Of Dynamite (Black Widow, 2003) documents a 1978 live show. Show 'Em How (Black Widow, 2004) collects and rivists unreleased tracks.

Peace of Skulls is the project of Pentagram guitarist Victor Griffin, that debuted with the doom concept Nailed (Southern Lord, 2002). With Vision (Southern Lord, 2003) added Obsessed's Wino. The Black Is Never Far (Exile On, 2006) contains Sense Of Divinity.

Bedemon was the project of Pentagram's guitarist Randy Palmer.

Road Kill / Lady Killer (Rock Saviour Records, 2009) collects recordings that Hasselvander made before Pentagram: Lady Killer (1984) and Roadkill (1986).

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