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In 1986 a Chicago disc-jockey, Nathaniel Jones (aka DJ Pierre, and later known as Phuture), invented "acid house", a kind of house music that was built around the Roland TB-303 bassline machine: Phuture's Acid Tracks (1987) was the first acid-house single, and DJ Pierre's Dream Girl (1988) was perhaps the most influential. Phuture was founded by Earl "Spanky" Smith and included DJ Pierre and Herb Jackson. Spanky and Jackson produced tracks that DJ Pierre used as the ingredients for his mixes. DJ Pierre moved to New York after Phuture's Your Only Friend and Rise From Your Grave, but Spanky kept the project alive with Inside Out (1992). Spanky released the first album of his long career only ten years after coining house music: Alpha And Omega (1998), credited to Phuture 303. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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