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Prisoners are English proponets of the wildest American garage-rock. Led by guitarist Graham Day, and supported by Jamie Taylor's organ, the Prisoners started out in "mod"-mode (Who, Faces) with A Taste Of Pink (Own-Up) and Thewisermiserdemelza (Big Beat).

Taylor formed his Quartet, an instrumental combo in the wake of 1960s surf bands, and Day launched the Prime Movers (with new keyboardist Fay Day). The Prime Movers dived into the hot sound of the Pacific Northwest (rhythm and blues and soul-jazz) with the album Sins Of The Forefathers (Cyanide, 1989), that remains Day's masterpiece.

After reuniting the Prisoners for the single Shine On Me (Deceptive, 1997), Day will form Solarflares and release one of his best albums ever, Psychedelic Tantrum (Twist, 1999), steeped into the tradition of Who and Animals.

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