Section 25
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Section 25 were among the legions of "dark punks" of the early 1980s who drew inspiration from Joy Division and the likes. Their paranoid, angst-laden Charnel Ground (1981), Dirty Disco (1982) and Friendly Fires, the standout on Always Now (Factory, 1982), offered little in terms of innovation. After a failed The Key Of Dreams (1982), whose highlight is the lengthy Sutra, the single Back To Wonder (1983) reinvented their sound in a more electronic context, reminiscent of New Order. The influence of New Order is all over the third album, From The Hip (1984), particularly Reflection and Inspiration. The commercial sell-out continued with Crazy Wisdom (1985), which is synth-pop at its most trivial. Love And Hate (1988) was the last (and dismal) album. (Translation by/ Tradotto da Pino Brizzi)

I Section 25 erano tra le legioni di "dark punks" dei primi anni 80 a trarre ispirazione da gruppi come Joy Division e loro simili. I loro paranoici, afflitti Charnel Ground (1981), Dirty Disco (1982) e Friendly Fires, distinguendosi con Always Now (Factory, 1982), offrirono poco in termini di innovazione. Dopo il deludente The Key Of Dreams (1982), il cui culmine è la lunghissima Sutra, il singolo Back To Wonder (1983) ha reinventato le loro sonorità in un contesto più elettronico, rievocativo dei New Order. L’influenza dei New Order è ovunque nel terzo album From The Hip (1984), specialmente in Reflection and Inspiration. Il successo commerciale continuò con Crazy Wisdom (1985), ove il synth-pop raggiunse il punto più insignificante. Love And Hate (1988) fu l’ultimo (e misero) album.

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