Stick Men
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In the heydays of "no wave", the Stick Men ruled over Philadelphia's craziest parties. Peter Baker (vocals and guitar) and Charles Mattern (sax and trumpet) led their combo through spastic romps worthy of the Contortions.

The albums This Is The Master Brew (1982) and Get On Board (1983), later collated on Insatiable (Cuneiform, 2001), are full of manic, syncopated songs (mostly less than two minutes long), sometimes predating Red Hot Chili Peppers. Demented like only punks could be (Legend Of The Stick Men, Bone Shadow, Set Back, Ha Ha Hall, Caged Sex), sometimes neurotic (Mystery Party), with the occasionl reggae step (Master Brew), their sound became weirder and weirder (Do Get Down, Jampire), funkier and funkier (Funky Hayride, Personality Pollination, Insatiable).

Baker died in 1994.

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