Ghedalia Tazartes

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French artist Ghedalia Tazartes assembled Diasporas (1979 - Dais, 2011), a collage of layers of vocals (often lifted from ethnic folk music) and musique concrete ordeals. Transports (1980) was even more extreme (just one 41-minute suite in two parts). Tazartes (1987) sounds a bit too childish in the way it employs keyboards and drum-machines. Check Point Charlie (1989) contains four lengthy pieces. He continued his mission of irrational studio collage on Voyage a L'Ombre (1996) and Hysterie Off Music (2007). Une Eclipse Totale De Soleil contains the 33-minute title-track and the 24-minute Il Regalo della Befana.

Repas Froid (Pan, 2012) collects rarities from the seventies and eighties.

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