Thompson Twins
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The Stone , 4/10
Ether , 4/10

The Thompson Twins (singers and multi-instrumentalists Tom Bailey and Alannah Currie) were perhaps the most sophisticated proponents of 1980s electro funk-pop in Britain.

They were originally a six or seven unit combo that played complex dance-music on A Product Of (T, 1981). Set (T, 1982) refined the formula with In The Name Of Love and Bouncing. In The Name Of Love (Arista, 1982) summarizes the first two albums.

Quick Step And Side Kick (Arista, 1983) and Side Kicks (Arista, 1983) contained perhaps their best material, namely Love On Your Side and We Are Detective, but Into The Gap (Arista, 1984) is the album that made them international stars, thanks to Doctor Doctor and Hold Me Now.

Lay Your Hands On Me and King For A Day, from Here's To Future Days (Arista, 1985), were the last hits. Close To The Bone (Arista, 1987), Big Trash (Warner Bros, 1989) and Queer (Warner Bros, 1991) were as uninspired as the early ones, but the fad had passed.

The duo reinvented itself as Babble and release two more awful albums, The Stone (Reprise, 1994) and Ether (Reprise, 1996), that incorporate elements of world-music, ambient and techno.

I Thompson Twins (i cantanti e musicisti Tom Bailey e Alannah Currie) furono forse i piu` raffinati esponente del funk-pop tecnologico degli anni '80 in Gran Bretagna. Il duo si diversifico` in tempo, stile, strumentazione e armonie vocali attraverso gli hit In The Name Of Love (1982), Bouncing (1982), Doctor Doctor (1983), Hold Me Now (1984), Lay Your Hands On Me (1985), King For A Day (1985).
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