Toure` Kunda
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Toure' Kunda, originally just the duo of Senegalese brothers Ismaila and Sixu Tidiane, were the pioneers of the African invasion of Europe, settling in Paris with a repertory of western-style melodies and Middle-eastern or reggae rhythms performed on traditional instruments. Freres Griots (1979), also known as Ismačla Do Sixu, with E'mma, was their classic. Turu (1982) and Amadou-Tilo (1984) were vastly inferior. Casamance Au Clair de Lune (1984) was an acoustic collection of traditionals. Natalia (1985) was a typical Bill Laswell production, that retained little of the African sound. Toubab Bi (1986), Sili Beto (1993), Mouslač (1996), Terra Saabi (2000) were not particularly engaging compared with the world-music scene that Toure' Kunda had helped create. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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