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When (Norwegian sampler artist Lars Pedersen) began his career with gothic and cinematic musique-concrete suites such as Drowning But Learning (Tatra, 1987), Death In The Blue Lake (Witchwood, 1988), containing the 21-minute Death In The Blue Lake, Black, White & Grey (ReR, 1991), containing the 30-minute Grey, and especially the 38-minute piece of The Black Death (Tatra, 1992). He then suddenly changed personality and mission with the madcap synth-pop of Prefab Wreckage (Tatra, 1994) and especially Psychedelic Wunderbaum (1998). Next, he embraced sample-based ethnic dance-pop on The Lobster Boys (2001), Pearl Harvest (Jester) (2003), Whenever (Jester, 2004) and Trippy Happy (Voices Music, 2007).
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