Wolverton Brothers
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Wolverton Brothers , 6/10
Sucking Hind Tit , 6/10

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Like their counterpart Gibson Brothers, the Wolverton Brothers hail from Ohio and play a furious and demented hybrid of southern boogie, country-rock and acid-rock, while the singers alternate between a David Thomas-ian growl and Nick Cave-ian emphasis. The best songs on Wolverton Brothers (Okra, 1988) and Sucking Hind TIt (Okra, 1990) are actually covers (the latter's showcase is an 18-minute version of America's Horse With No Name given the Holy Modal Rounders treatment), although the latter also contains hellish ditties like Peace March and Posse Comitatus.

The seven-song mini-album Liarman (Atavistic, 1993) demonstrated a more scholarly interest in the 1960s via surf music and Duan Eddy (Vampyre, Tornado Bomber, Xanadu), besides the usual imitations of David Thomas (Our Town) and Nick Cave (Max Gomez Love). The five-song EP Glad (Atavistic, 1995) contains the less frantic Cold Spring.

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