Yard Trauma
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Yard Trauma were one of the leading revival bands of the 1980s. Yard Trauma were formed in Tucson (Arizona) by singer-guitarist Joe Dodge and bassist Lee Joseph, who had been playing in the Johnny Seven. The cassette Reptile House (1983), the single Some People (Iconoclast, 1983), and the mini-album Yard Trauma (Bonafide, 1984) introduced an enthusiastic gang enamored of the Seeds, the Strawberry Alarm Clock, etc (plus Lance Kaufman's Farfisa organ).
The album Must've Been Something (Dionysus, 1985) is a classic of the genre, overflowing with catchy refrains and driving rhythms (Situations, I've Seen You Walking, You're My Style, You Don't Tell Me).
No Conclusions (Lolita, 1986) is a compilation. Music (LDS, 1986) collects singles, rarities and unreleased tracks. in 1986 Lee Joseph left Yard Trauma to join the Unclaimed.

Face To Face (Dionysus, 1989) and Lose Your Head (Dionysus, 1990) were the last albums.

Lee Joseph's next project was Outsideinside (the name is dedicated to Blue Cheer's classic album), that debuted with the single North Hollywood (Hell Yeah, 1993), the EP Outsideinside (Hell Yeah, 1993), containing She Said Goodbye and The Truth, and with the album Six Point Six (Helter Skelter), containing Sky's On Fire.

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