Trisha Yearwood
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self-titled , 6/10
Hearts In Armor , 5/10
Thinkin' About You , 5/10
Where Your Road Leads , 4/10
Real Live Album , 5/10
Inside Out (2001), 5.5/10
Jasper County (2005), 6.5/10

Trisha Yearwood, da Monticello (Georgia), e` una cantante country che esplose sulla scena di Nashville nel 1991 con l'hit She's In Love With The Boy. L'album di debutto, omonimo, fu un doppio platino.

Con Hearts In Armor (MCA, 1992), che contiene Wrong Side Of Memphis e You Say You Will, e The Song Remembers When, la cui title-track e` stato un altro hit, si e` affermata come smaliziata interprete di brani altrui. XXXs And OOOs e` il successo che lancia Thinkin' About You (MCA, 1995), anche quella una raccolta di canzoni scritte dai colleghi.

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Songbook (MCA, 1997) is a career retrospective.

The hit How Do I Live, written by Diane Warren, presented a much more compromised style, that is at the core of a disappointing album like Where Your Road Leads (MCA, 1998), that sounds like Linda Rondstadt in her pop stage.

Real Live Album (MCA, 2000) is a more personal statement that dispenses with the pop ambitions and explores the singer's psyche. But only one song (Too Bad You're No Good) truly rocks.

Inside Out (MCA, 2001) was a bit undistinguished, but it was redeemed four years later by Jasper County (MCA, 2005), with Karyn Rochelle's Georgia Rain and Anthony Smith's Who Invented the Wheel.

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