Matthew Young

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Matthew Young debuted with the home-made electronic music of Recurring Dreams (1981), but followed it up with a singer-songwriter album that predated synth-folk of the 2000s: Travel Advisory (1986). A syncopated electronic beat and a bubbling dulcimer accompany Todd Rundgren-ian lullaby Objects In Mirror ; and Dummy Line is an intellectual version of the Doors doing Weill-style cabaret. Complementing the songs, Young penned oneiric dulcimer-driven instrumentals such as the Slavic-tinged Kyrie Eleison and the hypnotic minimalist Traveler's Advisory, each of them evoking exotic folk music. The nine-minute None Born Wise is de facto the dulcimer equivalent of John Fahey's lengthy meditations for acoustic guitar. It includes a cover of Michael Hurley's Werewolf. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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