Jake Bell
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New York guitarist Jake Bell used to play with Simeon of the Silver Apples in a legendary band called Random Concept, between 1966 and 1972. He then disappeared for a quarter of a century. In 1997 he met again the resurrected Simeon, and was convinced to put out his first album.

Synjase (Whirlybird, 1998) displays his synth-guitar via a kaleidoscopic set of instrumentals, accompanied by electronic beats and ambient noise. The poppy 23-Zynvox-2 is a light and suave vignette of life on another planet, halfway between Tonto's Expanding Head Band and Brian Eno's Before And After Science. The harder beat of Dino-Whaa and Guitar-O-Drum is even more captivating, as it bridges the gap between art-rock and hard-rock. The noisy Wavething is an impressionistic picture, while the droning Windglass is almost ambient. Best of all is Song For The Return Of My Future Self, a cosmic, new age melody that slowly unfolds in a haunted atmosphere. Bell is not a virtuoso, but a stoic storyteller of immense humanity.

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