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Handsome Western States (1997), 6.5/10
When Your Heartstrings Break (1999), 6/10
The Coast is Never Clear (2001), 5/10
Yoko (2003), 5/10

Miles Kurosky's Beulah, hailing from San Francisco and featuring trumpeter Bill Swan and keyboardists Bill Evans and Pat Noel, play simple, semi-orchestral pop songs harking back to the catchy, ebullient Sixties tunes of the West Coast. The limit of Handsome Western States (Elephant 6, 1997) is that it is awfuly derivative, but that is also the secret appeal of Disco The Secretaries Blues and Maroon Bible. Emma Blowgun's Last Stand and Score From Augusta are the standouts on When Your Heartstrings Break (Sugar Free, 1999).

Popular Mechanics For Lovers was the single from the inferior The Coast is Never Clear (Velocette, 2001).

Even in the crowded field of mediocre and predictable pop songs, boasting inept lyrics and dejavu melodies, Yoko (Velocette, 2003) comes through as a bad idea gone worse. Except for a couple of singalongs (Landslide Baby, My Side of the City), the idea was to show a mature songwriter, whether with the (relatively speaking) pensive A Man Like Me or the (relatively speaking) philosophical Me and Jesus Don't Talk Anymore and Wipe Those Prints and Run, but Kurosky is simply not a mature songwriter, and now he's also lost his instinct for the stately melody.

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