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Biohazard , 5/10
Urban Discipline , 6/10
State of The World Address , 5/10
Mata Leao , 4/10
New World Disorder , 4/10
Uncivilization , 4/10
Kill or Be Killed , 4/10

With Cro-Mags and Prong, Biohazard belong to the generation of New York bands that wed punk-rock and heavy metal, but they soon went beyond the stereotype to incorporate black music as well. On Biohazard (Maze, 1990), Evan Seinfeld's vocals and the double-guitar attack turn Survival Of The Fittest and Retribution into criminal acts.

Urban Discipline (Roadrunner, 1993) achieved the best amalgam of lyrics and sound, by taming the former and enhancing the guitars, while introducing elements of hip-hop. Chamber Spins Three and Business are powerful statements of youthful anger.

State of The World Address (Warner Bros, 1994) further increased the hip-hop quotient that made their sound more sellable. State of The World Address and Five Blocks To The Subway remain frightening movies of marginalized urban youths, but they are beginning to sound like generic funk-metal.

Mata Leao (Warner Bros, 1996), with the band paired down to a trio, New World Disorder (Warner Bros, 1999), featuring Rob Echevarria of Helmet, Uncivilization (Sanctuary, 2001) are too generic to qualify as music. They are merely stereotypes.

Carmine Vincent is back on guitar but Kill or Be Killed (Sanctuary, 2003) is not any more inspired than the previous works.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Daniele Meneghel)

Insieme ai,Cro-Mags e ai Prong i Biohazard appartengono alla generazione di band newyorkesi che hanno sposato il punk-rock e l'heavy metal, ma presto si spinsero oltre lo stereotipo e incorporarono anche la black music.

Su Biohazard (Maze, 1990), la voce di Evan Seinfeld e l'attacco a doppie chitarre trasformano Survival Of The Fittest e Retribution in atti criminali.

Urban Discipline (Roadrunner, 1993), raggiunse il miglior amalgama di testo e suono, addomesticando il precedente e migliorando le chitarre.

Chamber Spins Three e Business sono potenti dichiarazioni di rabbia giovanile.

State of The World Address (Warner Bros, 1994), assorbì un elemento hip-hop che rese il loro sound più vendibile. State of The World Address e Five Blocks To The Subway rimangono spaventosi film di gioventù urbane emarginate, ma stanno cominciando a somigliare a generico funk-metal.

Mata Leao (Warner Bros, 1996), New World Disorder (Warner Bros, 1999), Uncivilization (Sanctuary, 2001) sono troppo generici per essere classificati come musica. Sono semplicemente stereotipi.

Carmine Vincent è tornato alla chitarra ma Kill or Be Killed (Sanctuary, 2003) non è più ispirato dei lavori precedenti.

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