Blink 182

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Cheshire Cat, 6/10
Buddha, 5/10
They Came To Conquer...Uranus, 5/10
Dude Ranch, 6/10
Enema Of The State , 6/10
Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (2001), 5/10
Blink-182 (2003), 5/10
Neighborhoods (2011), 4.5/10

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I Blink 182 sono punk di San Diego. Si sono fatti un nome con i loro show infuocati e con il primo album, Cheshire Cat (Grilled Cheese, 1994). Tracks: Apple Shampoo, Lemmings, Dammit, Josie, Carousel, M&M's, Fentoozler, Touchdown Boy, Strings, Peggy Sue, Sometimes, Does My Breath Smell?, Cacophony, Tv, Toast and Bananas, Wasting Time, Romeo and Rebecca, Ben Wah Balls, Just About Done, Depends.

Buddha (Filter, 1995) comprende materiale scartato dal precedente e stampato soltanto in mille esemplari.

Il live They Came To Conquer...Uranus (Grilled Cheese, 1995), proponeva anteprime di brani poi ripresentati sui dischi successivi.

Dopo il vertiginoso singolo Lemmings (Grilled Cheese, 1996), e l'EP Wasting Time (Grilled Cheese, 1996), che annovera Wasting Time, Enthused e Wrecked Him, i Blink 182 hanno ottenuto maggiore notorieta` con Dude Ranch (Cargo, 1997).
L'intelligenza del gruppo e` Tom DeLonge, autore di preziose melodie e cantore delle sventure dell'adolescente medio californiano. I ritornelli e le filastrocche di questo disco (in particolare Pathetic, Voyeur e Dick Lips) si sollevano ben al di sopra della media dell'hardcore (e della sua stessa produzione precedente). Travolto dalla sua stessa dialettica, DeLonge abbandona qualunque parvenza di melodismo per la carica vorticosa di Enthused. Non tutto il disco corre a quella folle velocita`. Ogni tanto DeLonge si abbandona a meditazioni adulte, resuscitando le armonie vocali e l'epica nausea degli X in Waggy.
Se non fosse per qualche brano di troppo, stipato frettolosamente nella sequenza per raggiungere il quorum di minuti necessario a stampare un CD, sarebbe stato uno dei migliori dischi punk dell'anno.

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Far from being predictable and dull, Blink 182's punk-rock packs life stories and teen energy in catchy refrains and then stretches them over ever mutating structures. Enema Of The State (MCA, 1999) offers the same flavor of the previous album, but with increased sharpness and louder production. The commercial potential of Dumpweed's refrain (not to mention the even poppier What's My Age Again) does not deter from the pace, which peaks in the galloping singalong of Don't Leave Me and in the frantic Wendy Clear. The music is still mainly an echo of singer Mark Hoppus' tirades, as epic while self-indulgent numbers like Going Away To College amply demonstrate. His attitude threatens to get out of control in the melancholy and subdued ballad Adam's Song, which soars with a pompous chorus. Sometimes too slow and too intelligent for its own sake, the album is redeemed by the senseless hoedown and the unstoppable bubblegum of All The Small Things. Blink 182 were not born to think, they were born to rock.

Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (2001) offers more fun music with the same high-school pranksters attitude, including the hit Stay Together for the Kids.

The existential and military uncertainty of the post-September 11 world seems to haunt even Blink 182's jovial punk-pop on Blink-182 (Geffen 2003). Feeling This, I'm Lost Without You, etc. have lost all the naive verve of their youthful days, and absorbed all the anxiety of their age. With this album, they don't become real musicians, but at least they graduate to real life.

Blink 182's vocalist Tom DeLonge formed Angels and Airwaves with guitarist David Kennedy, bassist Ryan Sinn and Offspring's drummer Atom Willard.

Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker joined guitarists Craig Fairbaugh and Shane Gallagher in (+44), that debuted with When Your Heart Stops Beating (Interscope, 2007).

The comeback album Neighborhoods (2011) contains Up All Night and This Is Home, but also sounds terribly outdated.

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