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Bone, Hair And Hide , 6.5/10
Callin' All Dogs , 6/10

Kentucky's Bodeco are manic "punkabilliers" in the vein of the Cramps, the '68 Comeback and the Southern Culture On The Skids.

Ricky "Shaggy" Feather (vocals and guitar) and Matthew "Wink" O'Brannon (guitar, also in Eleventh Dream Day) revved up Bone, Hair And Hide (Homestead, 1992) with a three-unit rhythm section (drums, bass and maracas). Feather is some rebel songwriter, who hails at the reckless lifestyle of juvenile delinquents (Crazy Wild, Suicide Ride, Dead Broke And Dirty) and indulges in rowdy, irreverent romps like Whole Lotta Trouble, Spank Your Fanny and Hoe Dad, but the instrumental tracks (Happy Guitar Boogie, Casillero del Diablo) steal the show with Duan Eddy twang and a surreal fusion of zydeco, rock and roll, jump blues and country-rock.

Callin' All Dogs (Safe House, 1995) shows more talent but less enthusiasm, as technicalities take over authenticity. Crazy Sexy Baby and Wicked Mean And Evil are Feather's new vicious anthems (Signed Confession is a copy of the Rolling Stones' Honky Tonk Women). Not a coincidence that the instrumentals again outclass the songs.

I Bodeco sono invece fautori di un "punkabilly" lascivo alla Cramps suonato con una sezione ritmica trina (batteria, basso e maracas). I leader del complesso sono Ricky Feather (canto) e Wink O'Brannon (chitarra) degli Eleventh Dream Day. I numeri strumentali rubano lo show alle canzoni argute di Feather sul primo album, Bone, Hair And Hide (Homestead).
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