Branch Manager
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Branch Manager , 6/10
Anything Tribal , 6/10

Branch Manager is a trio led by singer and guitarist Ron Winters, yet another Washington hardcore band. On the EP Top Scale Speed (Sweet Portable You, 1993) songs like Floored And To The Left and Sharp show a mature storyteller who is not quite as angry as he pretends. Branch Manager (Dischord, 1995) is almost progressive-rock in the way it merges different musical genres (even the lounge jazz of The Best Sleep Is Behind Me). Anything Tribal (Dischord, 1997) shows Winters maturing both as guitarist and as vocalist (sounding more and more similar to Bad Brains' HR). The trio wastes its talent in catchy ditties like Mr Weekend that imitate Green Day, but the more complex songs display the power of their convoluted punk-rock, whether in the ferocious Guacamole Act Of 1917 or in the brainy instrumental Frozen Sneakers . (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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