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IMA , 6.5/10
ESCM , 5/10
Movement In Still Life , 5/10

Brian Transeau (a Maryland native who later moved to Los Angeles after a stint in England) became a protagonist of the dance scene of the 1990s when, under the monicker BT, invented "epic house" (or "progressive house" or "trance") with the single Embracing The Sunshine (Deep Fish, 1995). Subsequent singles A Moment Of Truth and Relativity leveraged the same concept: grandiose, Yes-style harmonies that achieve anthemic proportions. The album IMA (Kinetic, 1996), largely still composed in his Maryland bedroom, pushed the boundaries even futher, revealing an ambitious composer of out of space electronica (the 43-minute Sasha's Voyage Of IMA) and a sublime arranger of pop music (the collaboration with Tori Amos, Blue Skies).

Compared with that milestone recording, ESCM (Kinetic, 1997) sounds mediocre. Only Flaming June is up to that standard, and too many tracks merely wink at fashionable stereotypes (such as drum'n'bass).

Movement In Still Life (Nettwerk, 2000) finds him often out of balance while trying to accomodate a number of guest vocalists.

BT is also a producer who scored film soundtracks and remixed other musicians' tracks.

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