Busta Rhymes

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New York's rapper Busta Rhymes (Trevor Smith) was a member of the Leaders Of The New School, whose Future Without a Past (1991) and T.I.M.E. (1993) were diligent but rather derivative recapitulations of traditional East Coast rap.

Busta Rhymes' solo career was not particularly more original, but was way more successful commercially, striking gold with The Coming (1996), comprising his most famous track, Whoo-Ha! Got You All In Check, When Disaster Strikes (1997), Extinction Level Event (1998), Anarchy (2000), Genesis (2002).

The Big Bang (2006) contained the hit single Touch It.

Back On My B.S. (Universal Motown, 2009) did not contain any crossover hits and was therefore doomed to sink in oblivion, although an excellent batch of producer breath life into the songs: Brownz (Arab Money), Jelly Roll (Sugar), Pharrell (Kill Dem), the Neptunes (Kill Dem), Focus (Respect My Conglomerate).

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