Cannibal Corpse
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Formed in Buffalo (New York), Cannibal Corpse went on to become of the leading death-metal bands of the 1990s, thanks to Eaten Back to Life (1990), Butchered at Birth (1991), Tomb of the Mutilated (1992), possibly their masterpiece. Hammer Smashed Face (1993) , Bleeding (1994), Vile (1996), Gallery of Suicide (1998), The Wretched Spawn (Metal Blade, 2003).

Cannibal Corpse's vocalist Chris Barnes and Obituary's guitarist Allen West formed Six Feet Under, that soon became one of the genre's worst bands ever: Haunted (Metal Blade, 1995), Warpath (1997), Maximum Violence (1999), Graveyard Classics (2000), True Carnage (2001), Bringer Of Blood (2003).

Cannibal Corpse's tenth album, Kill (Metal Blade, 2006), is the best-sounding of their career, although it retains much of their brutal and epileptic fever.

Blotted Science was formed by Cannibal Corpse's bassist Alex Webster (one of the virtuosos of the instrument) and Obscura's drummer Hannes Grossmann with guitarist Ron Jarzombek, and recorded The Machinations of Dementia (2007).

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