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White kid Rjyan "Cex" Kidwell, the founder of label Tigerbeat 6 with musical partner Kid 606, is a lo-fi Eminem, born in Baltimore but relocated to San Francisco. His first three albums were conceived in his bedroom when he was still a teenager, and sound like a more eccentric and much more hip-hoppish Beck: Cells (1998), Shift-Minus (1999), Role Playa (2000).

Roll Model (2000) and Starship Galactica (2001) introduced more electronic effects to support the meditations of a high-school graduate with a wicked sense of humour.

He paid tribute to synth-pop on Oops I Did It Again (2001) only to turn to early hip-hop on Tall, Dark & Handcuffed (2002), and to mix the two genres on Maryland Mansions (2003). Being Ridden (2003), notably the instrumental version, showed the influence of El-P in its fusion of hip-hop, pop and avantgarde electronics.

Actual Fucking (Automation, 2006) is less of a hip-hop album and more of a collaborative effort (his wife Roby Newton, Joan of Arc's Tim Kinsella, Nice Nice's Jason Buehler and Mike Shirazi, Dismemberment Plan's Jason Caddell, Love of Everything's Cale Parks). And the songs are more straightforward dance jams (Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago).

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