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The Climax Golden Twins, the brainchild of the Seattle-based duo of Robert Millis and Jeffery Taylor, debuted with the double 7" Climax Golden Twins (Fire Breathing Turtle, 1994) but offered the first mature statements of their aesthetic with the cassettes Climax Golden Hiss (Union Pole, 1995) and Eyeless Fabrication (EF, 1995), reissued as Eerie Fragrance (Etude, 2009). Each of their albums concocts a surreal lo-fi collage of drones, electronic noise, voices, field recordings.

The 23 fragments of Imperial Household Orchestra (Scratch, 1996), recorded with eight guests, offer a good overview of their "concrete" techniques in assembling demented free-form jamming. After this album, Scott Colburn was added to the project.

Climax Golden Twins (Fire Breathing Turtle, 1998), better known as Locations, reconstructed the human experience in several different places by layering real-world voices and sounds, a madcap collage of field recordings and shortwave radio transmissions. The fifth track introduced a disorienting element of percussions.

At the turn of the century the duo concocted Dream Cut Short In The Mysterious Clouds (Anomalous, 2000), Rock Album (Fire Breathing Turtle, 2000), a set of 20 brief fragments that employ rock instruments and rhythms in a context similar to progressive-rock (the closest references being Fred Frith and God Is My Copilot), Session 9 (Milan, 2001), a haunting movie soundtrack that employs instruments in the style of the classical avantgarde as well as the usual arsenal of samples, and shifts the emphasis towards abstract soundsculpting, Lovely (Anomalous, 2002), originally an immersive gallery installation.

The combo calmed down considerably on Highly Bred and Sweetly Tempered (North East Indie, 2004), a collection of atmospheric adagios (Dead People), bluesy meditations (Billy McGee McGaw), surreal chamber music (Get Fat), dadaistic puzzles of sounds (Imperial Household Orchestra), and assorted musical jokes that dives into their personal collection of old records.

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I Climax Golden Twins, in origine un duo fondato a Seattle da Rob Millis e Jeffery Taylor, esordirono con il doppio 7" Climax Golden Twins (Fire Breathing Turtle, 1994), ma proposero le prime espressioni mature della loro estetica con le cassette Climax Golden Hiss (Union Pole, 1995) e Eyeless Fabrication (EF, 1995). Ogni loro album inventa un collage surreale di drones, rumore elettronico, voci, registrazioni d'ambiente.
I 23 frammenti di Imperial Household Orchestra (Scratch, 1996) offre una buona sinossi delle loro tecniche "concrete". Dopo quest'album, Scott Colburn si uni’ al progetto. Locations (Fire Breathing Turtle, 1998) ricostruisce l'esperienza umana in vari luoghi tramite l'assemblaggio di voci e suoni. La quinta traccia introduce lo spiazzante elemento delle percussioni.
Dream Cut Short In The Mysterious Clouds (Anomalous, 2000), Rock Album (Fire Breathing Turtle, 2000)sono un assortimento di 20 brevi frammenti che utilizzano strumenti e ritmi rock in un contesto simile al progressive rock (i riferimenti piu’ chiari sono a  Fred Frith e God Is My Copilot), Session 9 (Milan, 2001) e’ la colonna sonora di un film ossessivo che impiega strumenti secondo lo stile delle avanguardie storiche, cosi’ come il solito arsenale di samples, e sposta l'enfasi verso sculture sonore astratte, Lovely (Anomalous, 2002) rielabora materiale piu’ vecchio.
Il combo si rilasso’ alquanto in Highly Bred and Sweetly Tempered (North East Indie, 2004), una raccolta di adagio d'atmosfera (Dead People), meditazioni blueseggianti (Billy McGee McGaw), musica da camera surreale (Get Fat), puzzles dada di suoni (Imperial Household Orchestra), e scherzi musicali di vario genere.

Climax Golden Twins (Conspiracy, 2006) contains a side-long collage of samples from 78-RPM records ("a sort of conversation with the past", as Robert Mills put it in a private correspondence), and a series of jams ranging from garage-rock to psychedelic trip.

Jeffery Taylor also played in saxophonist Wally Shoup's Spider Trio.

5 Cents A Piece (Abduction, 2007), with the duo augmented with percussionist Dave Abramson, sounded like a compromise between their wild avantgarde side and their more prosaic rock side.

AFCGT was a collaboration between new-wave revivalists A Frames and the Climax Golden Twins, whose AFCGT (Fire Breathing Turtle, 2008) contains twisted lo-fi instrumental garage-rock that harks back to the "no wave" of the late 1970s.

Robert Millis debuted solo with the musique concrete a` la Philip Jeck of 120 (Fire Breathing Turtle, 2008).

Millis and Taylor compiled a double-disc anthology of old records (some dating from the 1920s), Victrola Favorites: Artifacts from Bygone Days (2008), that ranges from Chinese Opera to Persian folk songs. This was originally a series of cassettes that started in 1995.

Climax Golden Twins' Scott Colburn (a member until 2004) launched Wizard Prison with II (Gravelvoice, 2007).

Robert Millis debuted solo with the audio collage 120 (Etude, 2009) that employs field recordings from his exotic travels, snippets of conversations and old records. The centerpiece is the twenty-minute All Balled Up, where all these elements converge to create not only variety and movement but also some metaphorical drama. The field recordings are juxtaposed with mutating ambient drones (secreted from whatever sources), originating a counterpoint or dialogue of sorts. This ranks as one of the peaks of Millis' art.

AFCGT returned with Square Microphones Tapes (Fire Breathing Turtle, 2009) and AFCGT (Subpop, 2010).

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