Crystal Method

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Vegas , 6/10
Tweekend , 4/10
Legion of Boom (2004), 4/10
Divided By Night (2009), 4/10

Crystal Method are two keyboardists (Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland) who in 1992 moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and started writing electronic pop for soundtracks and commercials. There is no substance on Vegas (Outpost, 1997), but a lot of fun. Now Is The Time, Keep Hope Alive and Busy Child are the old hits that gave them a cult status in the dance underground. Comin' Back is the new single, that continues along that path.

After a four-year hiatus, the duo (augmented with Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine and a turntablist) returns with Tweekend (Interscope, 2001), an album heavily influence by the fad of rap-funk-metal (Name Of The Game). Except for the single High Roller, the guests and the production and the publicity effort are wasted.

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I Crystal Method sono due tastieristi (Ken Jordan e Scott Kirkland) che nel 1992 Si spostarono da Las Vegas a Los Angeles e cominciarono a scrivere pop elettronico per colonne sonore e pubblicità. Non c'è sostanza in <b>Vegas</b> (Outpost, 1997),ma è molto divertente. <i>Now Is The Time</i>, <i>Keep Hope Alive</i> e <i>Busy Child</i> sono i vecchi successi che ne fecero un Cult nella musica dance underground. <i>Comin' Back</i> è il nuovo singolo, che continua su quella scia.

Legion of Boom (V2, 2004) is one of the least exciting techno parties you'll ever attend, unless you are a rapidly ageing raver in which case the boring midtempo numbers (Starting Over, Broken Glass, Weapons of Mass Distortion) may go well with your arthritis. These lifeless agonies are in vain redeemed by faceless rave-ups such as I Know it's You and Acetone. The group shows its big-beat credentials only in Born Too Slow (featuring Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland and Kyuss' vocalist John Garcia).

Divided By Night (Ingrooves, 2009) is a tedious parade of uninspired takes on different styles. Drown in the Now is the single. New Order's bassist Peter Hook and Broken Social Scene's Emily Haines waste their time on this album.

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