Oregon's power-trio Davis Redford Triad, fronted by guitarist Steven-Wray Lobdell, were the main followers of the Pacific Northwest's tradition of heavy psychedelic freak-outs with the Fushitsusha-grade tornadoes of guitar distortion of The Mystical Path Of The Number Eighty Six (1997), containing their signature song Solar Aquarius and three longer jams (Mysteries of Cydonia, Hymn of the Virgin Sun Queen, The Mystical Path of the Number Eighty Six). They mellowed down for the Eastern-tinged Ewige Blumenkraft (1998), containing the ten-minute Apocalypse Greeting Card and the 18-minute Plum Village.

Code Orange (2002) documents live performances.

Blue Cloud (2003) contains the 15-minute Mellowed For Over 80 Million Years.

Lobdell, also Faust's guitarist since 1994, released the solo Automatic Writing by the Moon (2000), rich with experimental recording techniques. He also played in Baseball Astrologer, that released Famine of the Soul, and Sufi Mind Game (a duo with Douda Kane).