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Inspired by the eccentric "funkadelia" of George Clinton's Parliament-Funkadelic, Oakland-based crew Digital Underground, largely the brainchild of composer Greg "Shock G" Jacobs, unleashed a reservoir of provocative humour with Underwater Rimes (1987), Your Life's a Cartoon" (1988), Doowutchyalike (1989), The Humpty Dance (1990), and on Sex Packets (1990) orchestrated it with an intelligent interplay of samples and live instrumentation.

The collective, featuring the young Tupac Shakur, David "DJ Fuze" Elliot and Ron "Money B" Brooks, expanded for Sons of the P (1991), but the album was far less funny. Elliot and Brooks also started the parallel project Raw Fusion. The Body-Hat Syndrome (1993) was notable mainly for the revelation of rapper Saafir The Saucee Nomad, who later debuted solo with Boxcar Sessions (1994).

Digital Underground's joke got a little too predictable on Future Rhythm (1996) and Who Got the Gravy? (1998).

Shock G died in 2021.

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