Dillon Fence
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Rosemary , 5.5/10
Outside In , 5/10
Living Room Scene , 5/10

Provengono da Chapel Hill (North Carolina) i Dillon Fence di Greg Humphreys, cantautore insicuro e sentimentale che e` un po' la controparte maschile di Juliana Hatfield. Vennero rivelati dal singolo del 1991, Christmas, una delicata ballata intimista, e dall'album Rosemary (Mammoth, 1992), con altre perle pudibonde come Daylight e Hey Mockinbird. Il secondo album, Outside In (Mammoth), ha invece messo in luce i limiti di questo soffice pop alla Smiths (Black Eyed Susan) che negli anni '70 sarebbe stato chiamato AOR. Dillon Fence are from Chapel Hill (North Carolina) and play highly emotional alt-rock. The key factor is vocalist Greg Humphreys, an insecure and romantic songwriter who is a sort of male counterpart to Juliana Hatfield. They displayed an uncanny ability to capture the feelings of their generation with the delicate ballad Christmas (1991) and the introverted and prudish gems of Rosemary (Mammoth, 1992): Daylight and Hey Mockinbird.

Outside In (Mammoth, 1993) suffers from excessive self-indulgence and a sound that is stradling dangerously close to the Smiths' mellow pop (Black Eyed Susan, Any Other Way). Scattered traces of punk-pop (One Bad Habit, Headache) enhance the commercial appeal of the band.

Living Room Scene (Mammoth, 1994) is even more melodic and passionate. At least, the maturation from weeping child to self-assured adult is impressive.

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