DJ Faust
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Man Or Myth , 7/10
Inward Journeys , 6/10

DJ Faust (originally from Washington) is a (white) master of turntable improvisation. Man Or Myth (Bomb, 1998), the first all-scratching album, originally recorded when he moved to Atlanta in 1996, blends breakbeats, scratches, vocal samples, electronica and psychedelia into a dense, intricate continuum that recalls the experiments of musique concrete played at double speed. With this work, DJ Faust established himself as the Mike Oldfield of hip hop. Equally futuristic and eclectic is the EP Fathomless (Bomb, 1998), shared with two colleagues.

DJ Faust's virtuoso show on the four suites (Fire, Wind, Water, Earth) of Inward Journeys (Bomb, 1999) is similar to the albums of solo guitars of so many Jimi Hendrix imitators, once you replace the guitar with the turntable; or even to the albums of electronic music of the German cosmic couriers, once you replace the keyboards with the turntable.

The 17-track Digital Soul (Bomb, 2001)

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