Sarah Dougher
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Day One , 6/10
The Walls Ablaze , 6/10
The Bluff , 5/10

Sarah Dougher, a graduate in Roman And Greek literature who also plays in the Crabs and Cadallaca and was a member of the Lockers, made her solo debut with Day One (K, 1999), a collection of discreetly arranged acoustic folk in the style of 1970s' singer songwriters, that musically relies on the classical sounds of country-rock (Hold The Bar) and folk-rock (Summer) and lyrically focused on character studies and personal recollections.

The Walls Ablaze (Mr Lady, 2000) displays a grittier band sound. The Bluff (Mr Lady, 2002) is poppier (First Dream) and livelier (Must Believe) but relies on inferior material.

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