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Dustdevils were formed in England in the 1980s by Michael Duane and Jaqi Dulany (originally from Australian). After two albums (for the Rouska label), the duo moved to New York (january 1989) and reformed the band with a completely different sound, abrasive noise-rock of the kind Sonic Youth and Live Skull were making. The EP Is Big Leggy (Teenbeat, 1989) and the albums Geek Drip (MATADOR, 1989) and Struggling Electric & Chemical (Matador, 1990) were largely ignored for being so derivative.

The band found a formidable maturity right before disbanding, as documented by the EP Extant (Matador, 1996), originally recorded in 1993 but released only three years later. Fronted by the un-melodious, Thalia Zedek-ian vocals of Jaqi Dulany, the band delivered the scorching, punkish litanies of Psychonaut and Receiver. However, the highlights are the two lengthy tracks, that suddenly introduce techno beats and industrial noise: Extreme Vacant managed to fuse Velvet Underground, Blondie and Pere Ubu, dub and disco-music. Getting The Hard Hit inflicts heavier damage by adding pounding, scorching Ministry fury.

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