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Echolyn , 6/10
Suffocating The Bloom , 7/10
As The World , 5/10
When The Sweet Turns Sour , 4/10
Always Almost , 4/10

Formed in Virginia in 1985, Echolyn were briefly the best progressive-rock band in America and possibly in the world.

Raymond Weston on vocals, Paul Ramsey on drums, Brett Kull on guitar, Tom Hyatt on bass and Chris Buzby on keyboards (and writer of most songs) turned Echolyn (Bridge, 1991) into an exhibition of prog-rock roots, from early Genesis to Frank Zappa.

The band reached an apex of sorts with the ambitious and monumental concept album Suffocating The Bloom (Bridge, 1992), centered around the 11-movement suite A Suite For The Everyman.

As The World (Bridge, 1995) and Always Almost (Pleasant Green, 1998) seem to close the career of Echolyn.

When The Sweet Turns Sour (Cyclops, 1996) collects rarities, covers and unreleased tracks.

Cowboy Poems Free (2000)

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Gianluca Mantovan)

Formatisi in Virginia nel 1985, gli Echolyn divennero in breve la miglior band progressive-rock in America e forse nel mondo. Raymond Weston (voce), Paul Ramsey (batteria), Brett Kull (chitarra), Tom Hyatt (basso), Chris Buzby (tastierista e autore della maggior parte delle canzoni) mostrano su Echolyn (Bridge, 1991) le radici del prog-rock, dai primi Genesis a Frank Zappa. La band raggiunse una sorta di apice con l'ambizioso e monumentale concept album Suffocating the Bloom (Bridge, 1992) incentrato sulla suite in undici movimenti A suite For The Everyman. As the world (Bridge, 1995) e Always Almost (Pleasant Green, 1998) sembrano chiudere la carriera degli Echolyn. When the sweet turns sour (Cyclops, 1996) consta di rarita', covers ed inediti. Cowboy poems free (2000).

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