Electric Frankenstein
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The Time is Now , 6/10
Conquers the World , 6.5/10 (comp)
Sick Songs , 6.5/10 (EP)
How to Make a Monster , 5/10
Don't Touch Me , 4/10

New Jersey garage-rockers Electric Frankenstein hark back to the early punk-rock sound of the Dead Boys.

The first full-length, The Time is Now! (Nesak, 1995) was as raw as anthemic. Songs like Teenage Shutdown, The Time Is Now!, Superstar, Right On Target, Rise and Crash, and the EF Theme erupt like concentrates of adrenaline. Even in 1976 they would have had few rivals.

Conquers the World (Get Hip, 1997) collects 1995 singles and compilation tracks. The band, and especially vocalist Steve Miller, is at its best on It's All Moving Faster, Electrify Me!, New Rage, Deal With It, Get Off My Back, epic, frenzied, scathing attacks on civilization.

The 10-song mini-album Sick Songs (Nesak, 1997) is an outstanding collection of anthemic rockers like Action High, I'll Be Standing, Not Wit U, Learn To Burn, Back At You, Clock-wise, Out There, that will remain fan favorites. The guitars of Jim Foster and Sal Canzonieri are in full bloom.

The EP Fractured (V & V, 1997) is no less powerful, with at least three more classics: Devil Dust, Right Now, Fractured.

The six-song EP Monster (Au Go Go, 1997), recorded with punk icon Rik L. Rik on vocals, adds Blackout and Used To Know to the canon.

I Was a Teenage Shutdown (Estrus, 1998) and It's Moving! It's Alive! (Igor, 1998) are yet more live albums.

The six-song EP Listen Up, Baby! (Man's Ruin, 1998), with Steve Miller again on vocals, shows a progression towards a less virulent but faster sound, best represented by Listen Up, Baby! and Neurotic Pleasures.

The confused and prolific discography of those years also includes the singles You're So Fake (Estrus, 1998), I'm Not Your (Victory, 1998), Up From the Streets (Cold Front, 1998), and How I Rose From the Dead (One Foot, 1998).

The band was beginning to tire and it shows on How to Make a Monster (Victory, 1999), their least impressive album and most monotonous ever. Cut From the Inside, Up From the Streets and Something For the Pain are still powerful and catchy but the fire is missing.

A perennial live favorite, the band released the live album Live, Loud and Angry (TSK, 1999), that comes with a bonus disc of singles, EPs and assorted tracks. Me No Like You! (Sonic Swirl) is the American version.

Rock'n'Roll Monster (Au Go Go, 1999) collects the Monster EP and some covers of Negative Trend and F-Word.

The Dawn Of (Triple X, 2000) collects more rarities. Annie's Grave (Victory, 2001) is a 12-song mini-album, that will be included with several covers in Don't Touch Me (Twenty Stone Blatt, 2001). Unfortunately, the sound is becoming more hard-rock than punk-rock.

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