Faith And The Muse
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Elyria , 6/10
Annwyn Beneath The Waves , 6/10

Mezzosoprano Monica Richards (a former Strange Boutique) and multi-instrumentalist William Faith (a Christian Death alumnus) are Faith And The Muse , whose Elyria (Tess, 1994) is an atmospheric collection of dusky lieder and eerie instrumentals. The songs range from melodic (Sparks, Mercyground, Elyria) to medieval (Vervain, The Unquiet Grave) to celtic (All Lovers Lost) to a spectral Nico-esque a-cappella elegy (Iago's Demise).

Both the songs and the instrumentals are further refined on Annwyn Beneath The Waves (Tess, 1996), so much so that the former sound more like folk-pop songs than mere gothic pieces (Rise And Fall, The Hand Of Man) and the latter rank with the best of ambient music.

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