Fan Modine
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Slow Road to Tiny Empire , 6.5/10

Fan Modine is the project of New York's artist Gordon Zacharias. Slow Road to Tiny Empire (Slow RIver, 1998) tells the fictional story of Kirk Modine, an American pop star living in China. It was originally meant to be a film, and the album is the soundtrack that Zacharias conceived for the (never made) film. Zacharias penned eleven surreal lo-fi pop numbers that homage everybody from Alex Chilton to Marc Bolan: Cardamon Chai, Tinsletown, Mesopotamian Pop Soda, Tiny Empire, Do It For Love, Rodeo Driving Rhubarb Pie, Oh To Be A Perfect Servant, Oi Ya Lyubyu, Marigold, Trash In Romance. (The CD ends with 35 minutes of street noise). Except for help from Dambuilders' violinist Joan Wasser (who is also in Those Bastard Souls), Zacharias played all instruments. If this album had been made by Sebadoh, Guided By Voices or Pavement, it would have been hailed as a masterpiece.

Live, the band also included bassist Michael Tighe of Elysian Fields, keyboardist Tim Fut of Lilys, and violist Dylan Williams, a collaborator of Ben Folds Five. The single Pageantry (Grimsey, 1999) was released next, but still unreleased is the album Homeland.

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