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Rochambeau , 6/10
Rigged , 6/10
The Monroe Doctrine , 6/10

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Farside is a Los Angeles hardcore band (originally founded by Rage Against The Machine's Zake de la Rocha). The autobiographic concept Rochambeau (Revelation, 1992) revealed Michael "Popeye" Vogelsang's tortured persona (Hero, Future Days). While even more accomplished, Rigged (Revelation, 1994) seemed to close their story. Instead the band returned after a long hiatus with one of the best hardcore albums of the year, The Monroe Doctrine (Revelation, 1999). This mature work boasts some of their most anthemic melodies yet (Moral Straightjacket, Statues of Snow, The Fashionable Rebellion), semi-acoustic ballads (I Hope You're Unhappy, The Slowdance), and emotional outbursts (Better Than Crying, Teach Me How To Die). Guitarist Kevin Murphy is in splendid form.
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