Fig Dish
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That's What Love Songs Often Do , 6/10
When Shove Goes Back To Push , 4/10

Fig Dish is a Chicago-based band led by guitarist/songwriters Blake Smith and Rick Ness. They debuted with two splendidly hummable singles, Rollover Please and Nimble/ Bury Me (Liquid Meat, 1994). That's What Love Songs Often Do (Polydor, 1995) is a collection of crunchy, upbeat, catchy, Paul Westerberg-flavored hooks and power-pop riffs (Resistance is Futile, Teeming With Anger, Lemonader). The single Seeds is snappy and whimsical. Weak and Mean is a copy of the Archers' Harnessed in Slums. Quiet Storm King, a duet with Nina Gordon, is a mature composition worthy of classy pop.

When Shove Goes Back To Push (Polydor, 1997) is a bland copy of the original. Come On is a standard punk-pop ditty, as derivative as the rest: Beach Boys' harmonies and Byrds' jingle-jangle embellish When Shirts Get Tight, Cheap Trick's panzer-riffs propel Pretty Never Hurts and the Who's Can't Explain is mirrored in Sleep Startles.

(Translated by Nicola Mecca)

Fig Dish una band di Chicago guidata dai chitarristi e cantautori Blake Smith e Rick Ness. Debuttano con due singoli splendidamente cantabili, e Nimble/ Bury Me (Liquid Meat, 1994). That's What Love Songs Often Do (Polydor, 1995) una collezione di orecchiabili e incalzanti riff power-pop alla Paul Westerberg (). Il singolo brillante e bizzarro. una copia di degli Archers. , un duetto con Nina Gordon, una composizione matura degna del migliore pop di classe.

(Polydor, 1997) una blanda copia dellorginale. Come On un trito stornello punk-pop, poco originale come tutto il resto: armonie la Beach Boys e un Byrdiano jingle-jangle abbelliscono When Shirts Get Tight, riff alla Cheap Trick sorreggono e degli Who riprodotto specularmente in

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