Out Of Worship

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Out Of Worship: Out Of Worship , 6/10
Out Of Worship: Sterilized , 6.5/10
Joe Goldring: Captain Onboard (Perishable, 2000), 6/10
Porn: American Style (Man's Ruin, 1999) , 5/10
Porn: Experiments in Feedback (Small Stone, 2001), 6/10

In his formative years, San Francisco-based guitarist/bassist Joe Goldring had played in the Toiling Midgets and was part of the last Swans line-up.

After stints in several bands, Goldring joined vocalist and keyboardist Hannah Marcus on her project Faith Burns (Normal, 1998).

Out Of Worship (Subrosa, 1998) is a collaboration of Goldring with drummer Doug Scharin of Codeine and Him. The Indian undercurrent of Moment Must Of Said and the galactic funk of Incubate A Sausage are similar sets of improvisations for choked guitar timbres and savage turntable scratching. While less overtly exotic, Out Of Worship manages to feel more trascendent in virtue of hypnotic guitar chattering and thunderous drumming, pauses and dissonances. A similar approach yields the intense, metaphysical atmosphere of the 17-minute monster Meta Stigmata, whose melodic and stirring jazz-funk-rock interplay between guitar and drums recalls Peter Green's masterpiece End Of The Game. (The track is divided in three parts, the second being a maelstrom of menacing noise, the third being a suspenseful dub-drenched melodic theme).

The Out Of Worship project continued with Sterilized (Perishable, 1999), which is less indulgent and more focused. The 20-minute title-track, enhanced by Ill Media's turntables, Tony Maimone's bass, Julie Liu's violin and Adheesh Sathaye's tablas, offers a sophisticated and colorful fusion of jazz, raga, psychedelia and dub. Goldring steals the show, alternating between guitar, bass and a sitar-sounding instrument.
Jam Jar Superstar is a more lively jam with Goldring impersonating again a funky Peter Green.
Shift, the first Out Of Worship track with vocals, is a slow, sedate, gloomy slice of trip-hop balladry.
The 15-minute Navajos is another "first" for Out Of Worship, a shoegazing drone, that slowly morphs into a loud and hard funk riff, as if Sonny Sharrock fronted the Blue Cheer.
Rather than an album, this is an exhibition of five different kinds of music.

Goldring's solo album, Captain Onboard (Perishable, 2000) contains four lengthy improvisations (plus studio manipulations) of treated guitar. Picnic is a catalog of hallucinogenic guitar noises, variously combined and looped to achieve maximum impact. The cacophony of Probe is redeemed by the melodic wavering and fluttering of Arms, a transcendent prayer screamed to the skies.

In between Out Of Worship releases, Goldring was a member of Porn (previously The Men Of Porn), a quartet that stabilized with founder Tim Moss on guitar & vocals, Brian Hill on bass, Sean Tyler on percussions and Goldring on sound effects. They released American Style (Man's Ruin, 1999) and 60-minute EP Experiments in Feedback (Small Stone, 2001). The first album spanned the years after the demise of Ritual Device, the band Tim Moss led in Omaha (Nebraska). Moss indulged in guitar distortions and depraved lyrics (Ballad of the Bulldyke). The second album is an avantgarde affair that packs ambient drones instead of punk energy and delivers Melvins-like sludge/grunge rock.

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